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  • Around 300 years ago in China, Inside the Shaolin Temple, an Art now known as Wing Chun Kung Fu was born. Developed by the Masters of the Temple to, Be learnt very quickly, Have no need for size and strength, Use the laws of physics the laws of Mathematics and the laws of the Human Skeleton,Use directness as the quickest solution with minimal effort and maximum result, and Attack the inherent weaknesses of their existing styles and overthrow the Manchu government and restore the Ming dynasty. However before the system was completed the Shaolin temple was betrayed and burnt to the ground. Only a handful of masters survived. Wing Chun Kung Fu Has Been Passed down over time and made famous by Great Master Ip Man, his Son, Ip Ching and of course the famous movie star Bruce Lee
  • The Wing Chun Kung fu System is made up of three empty hand forms one wooden dummy form and two weapons forms: 1 Siu Lim Tao (small/one idea form) 2 Chum Kiu (bridge seeking form) 3 Mook Yan Jong (wooden dummy form) 4 Biu Gee (emergency form) 5 Luk Dim Boom ( 6 and a half point pole ) 6 Bart Cham Do (wing chun double swords ) Wing Chun Is a complete martial art, there is no stone unturned and all levels become one.
  • Great Master Ip Man is the fouder of the modern Wing Chun System. Ip Man was born in Foshan China in 1893 and lived in Hong Kong untill 1972. Ip Man lived to 79 years old. Ip Man started learning Wing Chun Kung Fu sometime after 1906 under Great Master Chan Wah Shun. Ip Man was Chan Wah Shun’s youngest and last student, and after Chan Wah Shun passed in 1911, Ip Man went to St Stephens Colledge in Hong Kong where he met his Kung Fu Uncle Leung Bik. Who was the son of Ip Mans Famous Grandmaster, Leung Jan. Ip Man is quoted to saying he learned a good foundation of Wing Chun Kung Fu from his Sifu Chan Wah Shun however learned sofisticated Wing Chun techniques From Sipak (Kung Fu Uncle) Leung Bik. Ip Man Returned to China where he developed an extraodinary reputation for his Wing Chun skill. He First started teaching in Yongan in 1942 untill the communist rise when he fled to Hong Kong in 1949 and started teaching professionally in 1950. Over the years Greatmaster Ip Man taught many now famous Masters including the late Great movie star Bruce Lee. Ip Man’s teaching have spread throughout the world and Wing Chun Kung Fu is fast becoming the most popular martial art today.

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Learning Wing Chun is a very fast and effective way to defend yourself.

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